Travel Tidbits – The Luggage Edition

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Nowadays it seems that there is a travel bag for all lifestyles, budgets and personalities. From stylish computer totes to large, electric-powered suitcases, this list highlights a bag for every type of traveler.


The Bugaboo Boxer

It’s a stroller! No, wait, it’s a suitcase on top of a stroller. Wait…it’s both, kind of. This $1500 closet on wheels is both ingenious and over-the-top, but when you see this beauty in action you might want to start saving up for one! The Bugaboo Boxer is billed as a “premium” modular luggage system that you push instead of pull.  The Boxer was created by the same company that is primarily known for those fashionable and elite $1000 baby strollers. Read a little more about the Bugaboo here!

For most women, finding the perfect tote is always a challenge. You want something sturdy, lightweight, fashionable AND versatile. Well, the Pacsafe SlingSafe LX250 Anti-Theft Tote just might check all of the boxes. Not only does this tote meet all of the above criteria, is it also created to be more difficult for thieves to snatch; the padded straps are made out of stainless steel fibers. There is also a RFIDsafe pocket and plenty of room for a laptop, chargers and other gadgets that we can’t seem to travel without.  And it comes in three different colors that should meet your style criteria.

This article from Where Traveler focuses on ten, radically different types of bags that we didn’t even know we needed. From the electric-powered Modobag “scooter” to the Trunkster, a zipper-less bag that has a removable power bank ­­- these bags will add some fun and excitement to those long travel days.

Looking for an all-in-one duffle bag on wheels? Here’s a list of the top ten duffle bags made for short trips, family trips and everything in between.

Bonus: These colorful and personalized luggage tags should make finding your bag easy, we hope. There are tag options for the cost-conscious and the budget buster so check these out and choose your favorite bag accessory.