Where Is BFF, BRR and SLZ? Making Sense of Airport Codes

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Have you ever wondered how airport codes were created?  And why some airport codes make sense, like BHM for Birmingham, but others don’t make sense, like ORD for Chicago O’hare? “What’s That Code? The Ultimate Airport Decoder Lists”  on the blog Wild About Travel suggests two websites where you can look up airport codes around the world and read more about them.   Sure, you can also Google the airport codes that you don’t know, but these two options are more fun.

What is “Air Horse One”?  According to this headline, “the world’s biggest frequent flyers use this to stay on track.”  There’s a Boeing 727 freighter specifically designed to carry up to 21 domestic horses to some of the major races around the country. It’s a cool look at how some of the most beautiful and expensive animals are transported to the top horse races in the country.  Did you know it costs about $5,000 to fly one horse coast-to-coast?

Family vacations with kids should be fun AND educational right? This cool site, Kids Travel Books, provides parents and their kids a chance to read more about the places they want to visit. Kids of all ages can learn about other cultures, compile research for book reports or just help plan the next family vacation.   You can search for books by country and specific regions within that country.  The site also allows you to search for books by type, like coloring books, holiday celebrations and basic learning.  There’s also a resource library with links to book reviews, trip tips and travel journals for kids.

Travel Apps of the Week:  Check out a list of some awesome apps that help you find the coolest activities while on vacation.  No longer do folks rely only on Yelp or Foursquare. There are a plethora of apps listed that are geared towards specific interests, budgets and locales.  It includes apps that I’ve never heard of like Tripso, Localeur and Everplaces.

Seven Amazing Apps for Your Next Road Trip offers reviews of apps that help you find everything from vegan and vegetarian restaurants to interesting attractions and hidden hiking trails. 

Just for Fun:  Take this cool quiz on AFAR to find out where you should vacation this summer!  It’s a fun, quick way to see how your personality and travel preferences determine where and how you should relax.  And you don’t have to give your email address to see the results!  I took the quiz and Buenos Aires was the place chosen for me because of the culture, museums, the nightlife and of course, the tango lessons! Sounds good to me!