Weird Pillows and Airplane Pods

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You can never have too many power chargers and cords for your cell phone, especially when you’re traveling.  A few of these chargers cost a tad more than you might want to spend, but they definitely get the job done when the battery percentage hits that dreaded 10% mark. But, would you spend $130 on a device to recharge your cell phone battery?  Only if it comes with a built-in cappuccino machine!

This is quite possibly the best list of travel pillows I’ve ever seen!  A couple of the pillows on the list had me saying “Why didn’t I think of that?” and one pillow had me saying “Seriously? Um, no”.   At any rate, peruse this list and pick out your favorite pillow for a quick snooze while on the plane or in the car (as a passenger NOT the driver) or any place you need to take a quick nap!

For those who fly international business class on a regular basis, United has unveiled its new business class line called “Polaris”.  Dubbed “the experience”, these pods are constructed like small individual suites with 6’ 6” of space to lie flat and snooze your way to your destination. The bed-chair suite includes mood lighting, lumbar support and the best part…partitions that separate you from the other passengers!

Father’s Day is June 19!  Looking for the perfect gift for a dad who loves to travel?  Take a look at a list of ten cool gifts for Father’s Day from Johnny Jet.  And you don’t have to be a father to appreciate these great items.

Travel Apps of the Week–  Whether you’re traveling with kids or with a group of friends, these road-trip apps will help you pass the time while providing some entertaining and educational fun.  One app, by Roadside America, will help you locate some fun and eccentric tourist attractions that might be located off the beaten path.

Just for fun: Remember last week I talked about Bluesmart, that ONE piece of luggage that costs $600? Well, how about a “set” of customized luggage valued at $45,000? Yep, you read that correctly. Of course there’s a catch. See what the fuss is all about!