Long TSA Lines, Affordable Private Island Resorts and Vibrating Shoes

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There has been a lot of conversation lately about the horrendously long TSA lines at the airport.  If you’re traveling soon, PLEASE give yourself plenty of time to make your flight. Seriously, like at least three hours.  Check out some of what’s been going on and what passengers in Chicago had to endure.

Long TSA Lines Strand 450 Passengers OVERNIGHT in Chicago

Long TSA Lines Snake Through Atlanta Airport

TSA Delays: Why the Long Lines?

Do you struggle to communicate in another language?  Not to worry. There’s a new gadget that will soon be available that could help you translate other languages when communicating and traveling abroad. The catch? The person you’re trying to talk to has to also wear it.

Need something that will make organizing and packing for your next trip a little easier? Check out these ‘packing cubes’ by eCubes.  I had no idea these existed!

Anxious for a summer get-away? Peruse these affordable, all-inclusive resorts with options for the kiddies.  Or, looking for something more intimate and romantic, but think you can’t afford a private island get-away? Think again. Here are 12 private island resorts that are more affordable than you think.   Don’t believe me? Pusser’s Marina Cay in the British Virgin Islands is an eight-acre island paradise resort with only eight rooms and villas that start at just $155 per night and includes breakfast!

And just for fun…EasyJet’s vibrating “smart shoes”, Sneakair’s, tell the sightseeing wearer which way to go by using GPS coordinates and Bluetooth technology.  Kinda cool.  If you don’t mind your feet vibrating as you walk!