Where Did the Year Go?

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Wasn’t it just January last month?  Is it really going to be January again next month?
Where did the year go?
I’m not sure if, during what figured to be our most challenging economic year in recent memory, the fact that time really did seem to fly by is good or not?

Certainly with the state of the world economy we all felt it this year both on a personal and business level. For MedjetAssist, 2009 was both our most trying, and by the same token, challenging and maybe even rewarding year.

We knew entering last January that business levels would be compromised by the economy, which has a direct impact on the travel industry, which of course is the bellwether for our membership program. In good times leisure travel booms which has a direct impact on our business levels.

In 2009 we had to do much introspection and try to balance what we knew would be a soft travel year with both staffing and marketing levels. While not necessarily a fun exercise it was nevertheless challenging in trying to get that right balance.

For us I believe we succeeded. Unfortunately we did have to trim some staff and that is never a rewarding feeling. However I am a firm believer if you have good marketplace skills and ethics there will always be a place for you and we saw that among some of the folks who left us.

Marketing too was a challenge and we imposed a quarterly marketing strategy- watching the travel sector and economy and making our decisions accordingly.

As January 2010 dawns I want to take a moment and thank you, our Medjet member, for your loyalty to our program. We hope we have performed to your expectations this past year either in pertinent communications through this e-newsletter or in medical referrals or in actual transport activity. Of course the best scenario we can afford our members is to travel safe with no incidents and never need us. However that Medjet card delivers peace of mind for the when and if.~

So as we bring down 2009 we want to wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and hope 2010 brings the economic recovery we anxiously await and our lives return to the pre-2009 hustle and bustle. From our team at headquarters in Birmingham, AL – John, Julie, Joan, Scott, Thomas, Will, Yvonne, Cay, Cathy, Kay, Whitney, April, Paul, Patricia, Beth, Jenn, David, Kenny and Ben to Jeff in Pittsburgh and Larry in New York, we thank you for your support and wish you health, happiness and prosperity as we turn into 2010 and beyond!

Safe travels~~

Roy Berger