Keep Important Medical Information Handy

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By John Gobbels, Medjet VP/COO

When Medjet members find themselves sick or injured, the last thing they need to worry about is finding their hospital or physician information. Unfortunately, many members realize the importance of having a pre-plan after it’s too late.

In order for a member to be transported to their hospital of choice, they need to have a physician who will admit them and assist in obtaining a bed for their arrival. Obviously it pays dividends to make sure you travel with your physician’s personal and office contact information so it’s readily available when you contact Medjet.

Having phone numbers and names available can save hours or even days in completing the last step in your repatriation process. Remember, by law, a patient cannot be moved from one in-patient medical facility to another without an available bed and accepting physician.

If you’re like me, having information at your fingertips is paramount. For medical information I utilize the Medjet MedFlash device. With this service, you have secured maintenance of medical information and document storage both online and through a handy USB flash device to keep with you, so your pertinent information is immediately available to medical providers in any emergency situation. Click for Medflash FAQ. For a demo of the service, visit
The MedFlash device is available to Medjet members as a standalone service for $29.99 and as a free service in our Medjet Plus program.

Travel safe and travel smart – Don’t leave home without MedjetAssist!