Unprecedented Control of Your Health, Safety and Security

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By: Roy Berger, MedjetAssist President/CEO

You’ve already taken that all important first step. You have alleviated a major worry and given yourself that much overused, but all important, “peace of mind” when you travel by becoming a MedjetAssist member.

You know if you’re sick or injured and hospitalized anywhere over 150 miles from your home address of record and are going to require continued in-patient care, your MedjetAssist membership will get you to the hospital of YOUR choice for your ongoing care in the presence of your network of family and physicians. We will bring you back home, or to your designated center of excellence, all for your cost of membership. That’s it. No deductibles and no strings.

Now take the next step. Do what so many of your fellow Medjet members have done since July. Enroll in the Medjet Horizon plan!

The acceptance of Horizon, still in its relative infancy, has been overwhelming. It took us about a year to fully develop a comprehensive program that complimented the classic Medjet membership with travel safety and security. Based upon the response of our members, we think we nailed it!

The Horizon program, priced at $139, has so many benefits that its value quickly became recognizable. Included are personal travel advisories, cash advance for medical emergencies, and then the real meat of the program called CAP- Crisis Assistance Plus- administered by our partner, the world renowned travel security company, FocusPoint International.

The Horizon member enjoys on-demand access to a 24/7/365 FocusPoint International crisis response center where they can receive advice, and if necessary, coordinated response services for such nerve racking and potentially perilous situations while traveling including political threat, violent crime, terrorism, hijack, disappearance, blackmail/extortion, wrongful detention and kidnap for ransom. If the worst happens, the CAP experts give you their years of experience in helping you navigate through the maze.

Take a minute and go to www.medjethorizon.com and see for yourself. Or call our customer service team at 1-800-527-7478 and tell them you want to upgrade your membership to Horizon. It’s one more building block to a worry-free journey!