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Trends. All businesses have them. Sales cycles are high and low depending on the season for those products that are cyclical. Journals hire analysts to follow and report on them. The media loves trends and especially patterns that buck trends.

At MedjetAssist it’s interesting to watch travel patterns and trends among our members. Of course, your membership does not require you to tell us every time you leave a 150 mile radius from home, but we know where travel is hot based upon the information and/or distress phone calls we receive on a regular basis.

During the winter months Mexico and the Caribbean are always popular along with Africa (which is in the middle of the summer during our winter). Interestingly, Mexico all but disappeared from the radar in March after the swine flu warnings.

Springtime sees Europe a popular destination- especially western Europe as London, Paris and Germany are normally on sale before the heart of the tourist season.

Sometimes during the summer all heck can break loose. Right now we are seeing a run on phone calls from Eastern Europe and Canada. Also, motorcycle season picks up toward the middle of June and with our motorcycle program we hear from the bulk of our riders during the summer. This summer, perhaps more than ever, the domestic calls seem to outweigh international queries which means the economy has positively impacted the new trend known as ‘staycations’.

The fall is South America season along with kids going back to either college, or overseas to school, and concerned parents calling about their son or daughter who may have an illness or accident. More times than not, a common sense approach to getting them back up and going is the remedy, but we are happy to be there for support.

Last fall we saw an unparalleled bevy of calls from Asia. The 2008 Summer Olympics put Beijing and China in the spotlight. Travel deals to the region were very economically packaged and had throngs of Americans heading that way not only for the Olympic games but also at the conclusion based upon the exposure and deals that were offered. That trend lasted about three months.

The message of course is how portable your MedjetAssist membership can be. No matter where or when you might be traveling, as long as you are over 150 miles from home, advice or help is a simple phone call away.

You’ve already made the smart move and become a Medjet member. From the volume of calls we receive on a regular basis, from those that aren’t members but need help, you’ve made a wise decision.

Make sure family and friends and sons and daughters that may be going off to college, or to begin a career away from home, are well versed in travel protection; and do them a favor, recommend the Medjet program to them.

It’s our mission to make sure we go with you wherever you go. Trends or no trends!

Safe travels,

Roy Berger



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