Traveling With the NFL

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By Roy Berger, Medjet CEO/President

It’s as universal as brand recognition gets. In the United States, fan or not, everyone knows the logo.

They call it the ‘Shield.’ By any name, it represents excellence, dependability and excitement. It is top of the heap internationally in sports.

Of course it’s the National Football League and now with the 2014 season getting ready to conclude in a week, once again MedjetAssist is proud to be a partner of the NFL as we have been for the last decade.

Our relationship started in the mid 2000’s when the NFL sponsored a developmental spring league called NFL Europe played in eight international cities. Its goal was to hone talent that might be good enough to make an NFL roster. While most of the players never made it to an NFL field, there were some recognizable names that became high fantasy football draft picks. Among the NFL Europe alums at the quarterback spot were Kurt Warner, Jake Delhomme, Brad Johnson and Jon Kitna. Three of the four played in the Super Bowl.

NFL Europe protected all its players, coaches and administrators with MedjetAssist memberships while they competed in Europe. In the event of illness or injury, the parent NFL wanted to make sure they could get their talent back to healthcare in the States. It made perfect business and medical sense.

The NFL canceled its Europe league after the 2007 season and begin a schedule of international games, which has escalated this past season to three regular season contests being played on the pitch of Wembley Stadium in London. Oakland, Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, Dallas and Jacksonville all saw Carnaby Street. Next season there will also be three games with Buffalo, Miami, New York Jets, Kansas City, Detroit and Jacksonville ticketed for Heathrow.

In addition to their passports, the teams and their traveling parties, will also be packing their Medjet short-term memberships in case something goes haywire while on the other side of the pond.

“We value our relationship with Medjet and the peace of mind it gives our staff and the teams while playing away from home,” Mike Kensil, NFL Vice President of Game Operations said. “It’s an important part of our travel portfolio.”

To us, whether it’s Mildred and Jack from Montana carrying the Medjet card or Tony Romo from Dallas or Matt Ryan from Atlanta, our guarantee of being with you when you need us never waivers.  Being recognized by the NFL makes it a little more special.