So You’ve Lost Your Travel Documents – Now What?

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By: John Gobbels, Medjet VP/COO

It’s one of a traveler’s worst nightmares. You’re traveling and you discover you’ve lost your wallet, misplaced your Smartphone or arrived at the airport and can’t find your passport.

At a time of heightened security, how do you get past security without your drivers license? What if your boarding pass was stored on your Smartphone? How do you pay your hotel bill without your credit cards?

It can happen to anyone and many of us have learned the hard way to carry an old drivers license, make copies of our passport and leave a copy at home, as well as in our carry-on bags, and not to carry all our credit cards in our wallets.

Unfortunately, the stress of traveling along with the “rush” often will prey on even the toughest road warrior. So what can we do to pre-plan our travel documents? Try these:

Avoiding Lost-ID pitfalls:

  • Carry an extra official photo identification. Some states will provide a non-drivers license ID card for as little as $10
  • Have copies of your passport and other important documents. Have one copy with you and leave a copy at work or at home where someone could fax or e-mail them to you when traveling.
  • Contact the local authorities if you are the victim of theft. Head to the nearest US Embassy or consulate if you lose your passport overseas.
  • Take more than one credit card, but never carry all of them together in one place.

Take a moment to also bookmark and save the following links that can help in a lost document situation: