Ski Accident | Medjet Member Testimonial

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When a member’s ski trip in Aspen leads to a tumble down the side of a mountain, Medjet is called to arrange air-medical transport back to the hospital of her choice in Alabama.


Dr. Pamela McLain

Aspen, Colorado to Birmingham, Alabama

“I wanted so badly to be back at my home hospital.”

I was trying to squeeze in one last ski run before sunset. The light was fading and the wind was kicking up the snow. It was getting more and more difficult to see. I hit a mogul that sent me spinning through the air. With every flip, I had just enough time to anticipate slamming into the ground again, as I tumbled 50 feet down the mountain. My leg shattered into 12 pieces.

I was taken to a nearby medical facility where they performed emergency surgery. I wanted so badly to be back at my home hospital and under the trusted advisement of my personal physician. My husband made the call to MedjetAssist and they took over.

As a doctor, I am accustomed to dealing with a lot of red tape and delays from insurance companies. This was not the case with MedjetAssist. Every contact I had was kind, compassionate and amazingly helpful. MedjetAssist made all the arrangements. They offered to take me to any specialist anywhere in the world. I chose to go home where I could heal under my own doctor’s care, close to my family and my friends.

Every year, 165,000 people are injured on ski slopes, far away from the people they know and trust. With the help of MedjetAssist, I was exactly where I needed to be.

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