Safari Trip Turns into a Cape Buffalo Attack – International Travel Assistance

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When a MedjetAssist member’s safari trip in Johannesburg, South Africa turns into a Cape buffalo attack, Medjet provides international travel assistance. Medjet arranges air-medical transport to the member’s hospital of choice.

Travel insurance only goes so far. The question is, if you are hospitalized far from home, will it go far enough? Most kinds of travel insurance will only get you to the closest hospital. To get home, to your hospital, you need something more. You need MedjetAssist. If Mr Thanhauser had not been a Medjet member he would have had to stay in Johannesburg for rehabilitation instead of returning to his home hospital in New York.

If you become hospitalized more than 150 miles from home, and you are a member of MedjetAssist, we will get you from that unfamiliar hospital all the way home to the hospital you trust. And all you pay is your membership fee.


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