Emergency Number

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Emergency Number

Do you know how to call for help in a foreign country? It should come as no surprise that 911 doesn’t work in most other countries, so it’s important to know how to dial.

For example, in many countries from the UK to Malaysia, the emergency number is 999, while in Australia it’s 000. Across the European Union, you can dial 112 to reach medical, fire and police emergency services.

But here’s a little tip: mobile phones on the GSM network have 112 as the designated emergency number. That means if you dial the number from a GSM phone, it will be redirected to the local emergency services.

In many cases, that will work even if you don’t have any talk-time minutes available or if you don’t have a SIM card installed for that country.

But that’s not a foolproof method, so it’s wise to arm yourself with the local emergency number before you go. The U.S. Department of State includes the emergency number in its country-specific information guides.