Peace of Mind – Member Comments

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I was tossing around multiple ideas for this space over the last few days when something just dropped right into my email box. I thought it was perfect for illustrating why you are a MedjetAssist member and why we are proud of the commitment we make and the service we provide to you at your time of need.

There are probably multiple topics we can write about every month, but the true essence of our program is epitomized by Buddy Schultz, Jr. of Houston, Texas. Sure, we know chances of your needing an evacuation may be remote, but you purchase Medjet for that peace of mind at a very nominal cost. And, Mr. Schultz is the same as the rest of us- he became a Medjet member five years ago for an international excursion and traveled safely. But once back home and the renewal letter arrives, that peace of mind that he felt is priceless. Little did Mr. Schultz think five years later that distress phone call would be made!

Jeff Sayers, Medjet Director of Transport Operations recalls the events of January 2, 2009:

Mr. Shultz was in a small village in Costa Rica when the incident (a fall) happened. We were contacted when they were in a clinic with no x-ray capabilities and limited treatment available. He was being prepared for transport to a hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica via helicopter when they called initially.

He was moved, diagnosed with a severe femur fracture which required surgery, and was ready for our services within hours of the initial contact. He was moved to Houston the following day.

Here is the e-mail Mr. Shultz sent to Mr. Sayers. Reading this just makes you feel good about what we do.~


When you called me the other day to see how I was doing, I did not feel that I properly expressed my appreciation to you and your support staff that brought me safely home to Houston.

I was in Africa 5 years ago and my Professional Hunter explained to me MedjetAssist and its services. Little did I know when I joined MedjetAssist that I would actually call upon you for medical evacuation from a third world country.

Each and every MedjetAssist person that we came in contact with from the receptionist, you personally, to the on-board medical team and pilots, all kept us informed and up-to-date, helped me with my pain, handled all the logistics of exiting Costa Rica, entering and exiting Cozumel, entering Hobby Airport in Houston, TX. It was absolutely seamless.

Your communication with my wife who was with me, and my son who was in Houston, brought peace of mind to our family in a panic situation.

You can count on my family in Houston as a non-commissioned sales team. As I recall my evacuation story to my friends and business associates, all have moved in your direction to become MedjetAssist members.

A friend of mine came by on Sunday and had just left (a consumer) show in Houston. He told me there was a company at the show  promoting their company (and competing product). My response was “YOU CAN ONLY BE SO GOOD AND YOU ARE AS GOOD AS IT GETS WITH MEDJET.”

Again, thank you guys very much!

Harry C. Schultz, Jr. (Buddy)

Thank you, Mr. Schultz for the very kind words. It validates the commitment of the entire Medjet organization when we get plaudits such as the above.

We never get tired of happy endings when our members are in a distress situation and never get tired of reading letters like the one from Mr. Schultz.

Happy travels throughout 2009 and remember your Medjet membership protects you not only in ‘third world’ countries, but most times, as close as the neighboring state, as long as you are over 150 miles from home.

We are here for you!

Travel safe,

Roy Berger, President/CEO MedjetAssist