Alaska to Montana – Member Comments

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Card and Tag for print.inddThank you for the remarkable service that I recently received during medical evacuation involving MedjetAssist. I was in-between Petersburg and Juneau, Alaska on a trip when I became very ill on board a live aboard yacht. I was able to make it to a regional hospital in Juneau. MedjetAssist was contacted to arrange my medivac back to Billings, Montana to my hospital of record so I could be treated by my personal physician and surgeon.

As a surgeon myself, I am particularly keen to how important it is for somebody to be able to receive care where they are known and by providers from whom they have received previous care. I was very important to me to return t to Billings due to my illness and my MedjetAssist membership made that possible. The care that I received in coordination from your main office was extraordinary. The life-flight picked me up on Saturday and had me home in Billings in the morning hours. I was immediately transported to my local Emergency Room. I am happy to say that I have made a full recovery since my illness.

Thanks does not seem enough to give to the incredible flight nurse who accompanied me on my trip home. During the severe pain that I was experiencing she held my hand throughout the flight and constantly reassured me and provided all the necessary pain medications and supportive therapy to make my flight comfortable and successful. My heartfelt thanks to you and your incredible staff for making this medical evacuation possible and safe for me and my family back home. I will be a MedjetAssist member for many years to come. – Jerry