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Travel insurance only goes so far. The question is, if you are hospitalized far from home, will it go far enough? Most kinds of travel insurance will only get you to the closest hospital. To get home, to your hospital, you need something more. You need MedjetAssist. If Mr Thanhauser had not been a Medjet member he would have had to stay in Johannesburg for rehabilitation instead of returning to his home hospital in New York.

Dr. Pamela McLain Aspen, CO to Birmingham, AL “I wanted so badly to be back at my home hospital.” I was trying to squeeze in one last ski run before sunset. The light was fading and the wind was kicking up the snow. It was getting more and more difficult to see. I hit a mogul that sent me spinning through the air. With every flip, I had just enough time to anticipate slamming into the ground again, as I tumbled 50 feet down the mountain. My leg shattered into 12 pieces.

In this case, the Medjet member who was transported was able to return to her home hospital in Portland. If she had relied on the medical evacuation component of most travel insurance and platinum card plan her medical journey would have stopped in Lima, Peru.

If this Medjet member had relied on the medical evacuation component of most travel insurance and platinum card plans his medical journey would have stopped at the closest adequate facility, which in this case would be, in Bangkok, Thailand.

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By: Roy Berger, MedjetAssist President/CEO Photo Credit: Eli Reinholdtsen “It was really fast and really terrifying. A total surprise. All I kept thinking was, ‘how am I going to break the fall?'” David duChemin, world renowned professional photographer and Medjet member is lucky to be alive....

Two weeks ago, my husband fell while we were in Israel. He needed surgery to repair torn quadriceps on BOTH feet. We wanted the surgery in New York, near to our home. Medjet made this possible in an efficient...

By: Roy Berger, MedjetAssist President/CEO We are a 24/7/365  day-a-year operation. Have to be. We have members traveling to all corners of the world and we never know when the phone is going to ring with a Medjet member in a distress situation or in...

Thank you for the remarkable service that I recently received during medical evacuation involving MedjetAssist. I was in-between Petersburg and Juneau, Alaska on a trip when I became very ill on board a live aboard yacht. I was able to make it to a regional...

Chances are, unless you live in San Diego, you are not familiar with Brian Monaghan. If you are, perhaps you will know Brian as either a highly successful plaintiff’s trial attorney, or as a Director of the San Diego Padres, the American Ireland Fund, the...

I was tossing around multiple ideas for this space over the last few days when something just dropped right into my email box. I thought it was perfect for illustrating why you are a MedjetAssist member and why we are proud of the commitment we...

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