Medjet Scores a Birdie & a Touchdown

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By: Roy Berger, MedjetAssist President/CEO

Last month we welcomed the LPGA to the Medjet membership roster and delighted in our association with such a quality and name brand.

The enrollment of the Ladies Professional Golf Association player roster coincided with their trip to Ireland in late September to compete against Europe’s top lady golfers in the Solheim Cup. The event produced a Sunday finish that truly was exhilarating as the European team came from behind with the skies darkening and kept the Cup in Europe for the first time since 2003.

It was a great event and the teams shared much in common, including Medjet memberships, as the European players who are LPGA members are now also Medjet members.~

This month it’s a welcome back to the National Football League as they prepare for their annual match-up in London.

Tampa Bay and Chicago will meet at Wembley Stadium on October 23 in the 5th Annual NFL International Series contest. The game has proven so popular in the EU that available tickets are gobbled up in minutes, and while not all of the 100,000 in attendance fully understand our brand of football, there is no doubt it has become a sporting event very much on the UK’s to-do list.

At Medjet we are proud to be a part of the NFL’s plans as they enroll members of both teams including players, coaches, officials, executives and the respective traveling parties in our program for their week overseas.

The Medjet history with the NFL actually dates back almost eight years to the NFL Europe League days. The league hosted/sponsored a spring developmental league with six teams, five in Germany and one in Amsterdam, and used it as a springboard for both player and coaching talent into the NFL.

Virtually all of the NFL Europe players and staff – save for a few – were from the United States and the league made sure the Medjet program was in place for their three month duration overseas. This proved to be a wise decision as through the years we have had injured players and an ill coach on repatriations back home.

While NFL Europe was an artistic success, the finances proved to be otherwise and in 2007 NFL Europa officially ceased operations. Since then the league has chosen to showcase the International Series in London as its marquis event.

We are of course proud to be the ‘peace of mind’ component for the week!

*                                                            *                                                         *

Rolling back to the LPGA, the tour played an event in our backyard the weekend of September 15, 2011 with the Navistar Classic in Prattville, AL,  just about an hour from our Birmingham headquarters.

It was special to be onsite for a couple of days, walk by the clubhouse and see Medjet luggage tags on the players’ golf bags. Nothing like priorities!

We were invited to field a Medjet team in the pro-am, which was exciting for the golfers in our midst.

Immediately following the pro-am and just prior to the tournament starting the LPGA pro, Sweden’s Louise Friberg, who was paired with our group  announced this would be her last tournament as a player and was retiring to the golf teaching world. No kidding. I’m not sure how much our group of hacks had to do with that decision but Louise is a class lady and we wish her the best in her newly found vocation in Phoenix!

And one final note from that weekend: ironically the tournament was won by 16 year old Lexi Thompson from Coral Springs, FL.

At 16 this amazing talent, who blew the field away by five strokes, was too young to be an LPGA member as the organization presently holds an 18 year old admission standard.

And if she isn’t an LPGA member then she isn’t a Medjet member either. Fortunately, the LPGA was forward thinking and saw the potential with this upcoming star and granted Lexi a special exemption and membership in the LPGA two weeks later. Of course, that also includes a Medjet membership. ~

Happy to have you in our program, Lexi. Have a feeling traveling the globe in a very short period of time is going to become a steady part of your life and we await seeing our tag on your golf bag!

Safe travels.