What Kind of Competition Does Medjet Have?

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At least a couple of times a month I get asked- ‘So what kind of competition does Medjet have?’ And of course I go through the standard answer of other membership programs, some travel insurance coverage and even some upper-crust credit card programs.

However, what I always tell people is our real competition is perception. Yep, perception.

And the perceived competition comes twofold for MedjetAssist.

Perceived competitor number one is the people who think they have both evacuation and repatriation with whatever coverage they may have in place. There is a big difference between evacuation coverage and an actual repatriation benefit. Evacuation coverage moves you to the closest appropriate medical center (your provider makes the decision, not you) and that generally concludes the benefit.

A repatriation benefit brings you home. With your MedjetAssist membership, you get full repatriation benefits which means if you meet criteria – you are an inpatient and will be admitted as an inpatient on the receiving end – we will move you to the medical center of your choice which typically is back in your family and physician network. You make the call, not some third party provider!

If for any reason you opt for a program other than MedjetAssist, or more importantly, have the perception that you have a full repatriation benefit, please ask the question as soon as you can. Unfortunately, there are programs in the marketplace that want you to think you are getting more than they will deliver. You don’t want to receive the wrong answer at the wrong time!

Perceived competitor number two is my favorite. It comes from people who want to learn more about the program and are fascinated by what we do and the relative low cost of membership. Then, when you ask them to enroll, you’ll hear the now famous words – ‘It won’t happen to me.’

You know what? Chances are it won’t happen to you. But if you travel – international or domestic – it becomes a roulette game. Many, many things while on the road are out of your hands. Take a look through this newsletter edition or any of the past ones for the partial listing of transport activity. Unfortunately for these Medjet members, reality overtook perception. Fortunately, they were Medjet members and they were taken care of. It happens almost everyday.

We market reality and we’re glad you tossed away perception and bought the whole package!

Safe travels.

Roy Berger