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By John Gobbels, MedjetAssist VP/COO

In the spirit of great health and safety tips I would like to take a moment to talk to you about what we see as the best travel tip of them all, Medjet. In particular I want to talk about how our system works and impart a good understanding of some very important administrative processes.

“Making the call”

This is the most basic task our members have to undertake. Medjet has a 24/7 communications center standing by to take a member’s request for transport or a simple referral. Members located within the United States can call 1-800-527-7478. Any member located outside the United States can call collect at (205) 595-6626.

On occasion, we have members in need that attempt to contact us via email. Just remember, our emergency response system is not set up for emailed assistance requests. So, emailing a MedjetAssist staff member or the email will delay a response. Something you do not want to experience in a medical crisis. 

“Change of Address”

Attention Snowbirds. As a requirement, transport from a medical facility to the member’s hospital of choice requires that the member be at least 150 miles from their registered home address on file. At times, we have members who reside in different locations during the membership period and call to make changes to the address on file.

When you want to change your mailing address to have membership materials or other correspondence sent to your new location, be mindful of the 150 mile requirement. For instance, if you reside in Florida in the winter and change your address to your summer home in Illinois, you would need to be greater than 150 miles from that new address in Illinois to qualify for a transport. So think about where you would ultimately want to get back to and make that your primary membership address.

“You’re in charge of your healthcare, BUT we’re in charge of making the arrangements”

It is important to remember that MedjetAssist is a membership program for travelers and not an insurance plan or policy. So, there are no claim forms or deductibles for our members to hassle with. However it is also important to remember that because we are not insurance, MedjetAssist cannot reimburse members for expenses incurred that were a result of the member making transport arrangements themselves. We have a highly skilled team ready to serve our members in their time of need. One call does it all. Let us make the arrangements!