An Easy-to-Use, Step-by-Step Guide to Planning the Vacation of Your Dreams

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Learn How to Use Modern Technology to Save Time, Money, and Have Peace of Mind

We love travel. But as you know, it can get a little expensive. And it’s not without its hassles and annoyances, like booking hotels and dealing with weather.  Fortunately, technology is changing all of that. Whether it’s saving hundreds of dollars on your dream vacation or navigating exotic locales, these amazing apps are the go-to for expert travelers everywhere. Download them, use them, and share them with your friends.

Travel Trends to Save you time and Money

1. Booking a Flight

Here’s how to get the best price

  1. Start with a flight aggregator, like Skyscanner
  2. Search for “hidden city” ticketing, with Skiplagged
  3. Consider breaking a multi-leg flight into separate tickets to save
  4. Book your chosen route directly through the airline for less hassle
  5. Changing your location when buying can sometimes save money via the exchange rate
  6. Track your flight with App in the Air
  7. Apps to help you book and track flights: Skyscanner, Skiplagged, App in the Air


2. Finding Accommodations

  • Look for houses, apartments, and hostels for rent with Airbnb
  • Find good prices on hotels through and
  • Snag a hotel at the last minute with Hotel Tonight
  • Other deals can be found on aggregator sites, like Priceline
  • Apps to use for finding accommodation: Airbnb, Hotel Tonight,


3. Getting Around

  • Use Google Trips to keep up with your itinerary
  • Find places to go with TripAdisor or Fourquare
  • Check the weather with Weather Underground
  • Get directions with Waze or CityMappe
  • Book a taxi with Uber
  • Speak the local language with Google Translate or Duolingo
  • Record your travels with LiveTrekker
  • Download a flashlight app, just in case
  • Apps to use for getting around: Google Trips, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Weather Underground, Waze, CityMapper, Uber, Google Translate, Duolingo, Flashlight


4. Stay in Touch

  • Save on calls with Skype or Google Voice
  • Send free messages with Whatsapp
  • Find free wifi networks with Wifi Finder
  • Use one of 1+ million paid networks through Boingo
  • Apps for staying connected: Skype, Google Voice, Whatsapp, Wifi Finder


5. Manage Your Money

  • Get a checking account with no international ATM withdrawal fees, like Charles Schwab
  • Withdraw money from ATMs in local currency, instead of exchanging currency
  • Let your bank know about your travel plans ahead of time
  • Sign up for a credit card with no foreign transaction fees, like Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Keep your money safe:
    – Put your wallet in a front or hidden pocket
    – Use anti-theft bags
    – Don’t flash wads of cash
    – Keep cash in separate pockets
    – Buy a money belt
  • Apps to use for managing your finances: XE Currency, Splitwise, Your personal bank’s App


6. Get Rewarded

  • Sign up for a frequent flyer program
  • Take advantage of a hotel loyalty program
  • Get bonus miles at sign-up from credit cards, like Capital One Venture Rewards
  • Maximize and use your miles with
  • Find more advice for frequent flying at
  • Track your points and miles with AwardWallet
  • Avoid long lines with Global Entry or TSA Precheck programs
  • Apps for tracking frequent flyer miles: AwardWallet, MileBlaster, MileWise


7. Track Your Documents

Use your devices to keep important documents safe

  • Use Google Trips or TripIt to keep track of your itinerary
  • Scan and print a copy of your passport/ID
  • Photograph passport, ID, and itinerary
  • Email these and other files to yourself
  • Screenshot maps of the area you’re visiting
  • Use the cloud to store all important data via Dropbox
  • Trip tracking apps: Google Trips, TripIt, Dropbox


8. Put Down the Phone

  • Using your phone in the wrong areas can make you a target for theft
  • Take a break from apps and social media – to enjoy your vacation!


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