Chile: Wildlife, Wine & Natural Wonders!

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Thousands of travelers come to Chile each year to witness colossal glaciers and soaring peaks, Earth’s driest deserts, an array of wildlife, world-famous wine production facilities, and much more. At over 2,500 miles long – roughly half the length of South America and spanning a broad range of climates – Chile is a rich and diverse country. While there’s enough adventure here to fill a lifetime, International Expeditions’ experts weigh-in on their favorite spots for your next Chile tour.

Patagonia’s Penguins: Journey to Chiloé Island and you’ll find groups of Magellanic and Humboldt penguins waddling around the coast. This beautiful island offers some of the best birdwatching experiences in Chile, with plenty of shorebirds and seabirds. Whales have also been spotted off the coast here.

Remarkable Wine: Chile’s coast is home to the Casablanca wine region, which benefits from a cooler climate to produce high quality sauvignon blanc and chardonnay, as well as pinot noir.

Chilean Showcase: Patagonia is where Chile comes into its element, more specifically around Torres del Paine National Park. The magnificent landscapes of this part of Chile are perfect for outdoor exploration and adventure, luring in countless travelers to hike and explore amid soaring mountains, monumental glaciers, abundant wildlife and vistas.

Awesome Atacama: In Chile’s far north lies the Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth. Some parts of this inhospitable, unforgiving and isolated area of Chile haven’t seen any rainfall since human records began. The Valley of the Moon is among the jaw-dropping wonders – a combination of rock formations and sand dunes that will transport you to what feels like another planet.

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Ready to explore more of Chile? International Expeditions offers comprehensive Patagonia Tours, exploring both Chile and Argentina, as well as a Puma, Penguins & Whales tour. Other immersive options include a small-ship cruise to Chiloe Island and a NEW Wine & Wildlife adventure!