6 Fantastico Havana Experiences!

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By Emily Harley, International Expeditions

Cuba is packed with some of the most distinct cultural and natural wonders to be found in the Caribbean. Whether you join one of our distinct land programs or book a cabin on our new Cuba Voyage, you’ll enjoy time in vibrant Havana.

To help you make the most of time spent in Havana, our staff has weighed in on their favorite experiences.

Hit the Streets (Especially at Night!)
Cubans congregate outdoors, and there’s no better place to mingle with the locals than one of the many lively pedestrian boulevards. Havana’s Calle Obispo, Malecón and Paseo del Prado are popular places for burgeoning musicians to gather, young families to bring their children, and travelers and natives alike to browse the eclectic museums and cafes that line the roads.

Channel Papa Hemingway
Lovers of literature will want to pay homage to Ernest Hemingway, and there’s no shortage of opportunities to channel your inner “Papa.” Start at Hotel Ambos Mundos, home-base while writing For Whom the Bell Tolls. Take a peek at Room 511 before sipping a mojito at the hotel’s rooftop terrace. From there, it’s a short stroll to the Floridita, where Hemingway was known to sample a daiquiri (or several). Just outside of Havana is Finca Vigia, Hemingway’s former home, where you can chat with local literary experts while touring the grounds.

Turn Down the Right Alley
Havana boasts a surprise at every turn, and El Callejon de Hamel is no exception. This funky alleyway is an open-air museum of vibrant murals created by Salvador Gonzales Escalona, further proof that an art appreciation class can happen anywhere! Entire neighborhoods in Havana have been used as canvas, so ask your guide to see some of the local street art.

Sample the Fare. Support a New Economy.
Looking for exciting cuisine options AND a way to support private industry? Family-run paladars are perfect for chatting with Cuba’s new breed of entrepreneurs while savoring creatively crafted foods using fresh, local ingredients in a festive atmosphere. Some of our favorites include Paladar Dona Eutimia, just off Cathedral Square, and Il Divino, where you can step outside to visit the restaurant’s garden after lunch.

Discover a Time Machine
The ubiquitous classic cars, Art Deco architecture, iconic cocktails and hand-rolled artisanal cigars — along with the slower-paced Caribbean lifestyle — are hallmarks of every photo and story of travel to Cuba. And you should take advantage of your time in-country to enjoy the time machine! Classic car buffs will relish seeing the pre-1960 American automobiles present in Cuba — with an estimated 60,000 of them still driving the island’s roads today. One International Expeditions group even met-up with Amigos de Fangio, a Havana classic car club, for drinks. If you want to “drink-up” some history, visit the Rum Museum in Old Havana or enjoy a cocktail at the historic Hotel Nacional’s Bay View Bar, which has hosted everyone from royalty to Annette Bening and Danny Glover since opening in 1930.

Wandering thru Havana

Go There Now!
Ready to experience Havana and the other wonders of Cuba? International Expeditions offers two small-group Cuba travel options – plus options for bespoke travel that still adheres to the people-to-people rules for travel.